a comprehensive and cutting-edge platform designed to safeguard your organization's sensitive data in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our platform specializes in the discovery of stolen data published across various online platforms, including social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and even the clandestine depths of the dark web's black markets.

With Threat Tracker, you gain real-time visibility and proactive alerts whenever your data is detected, empowering you to respond swiftly and effectively



The intuitive dashboard offers an encompassing overview of ongoing cyberattacks on an international scale, allowing you to stay abreast of the ever-evolving threat landscape. It also serves as a centralized hub for real-time alerts, ensuring you are promptly notified of any data leaks that may impact your organization.


Every alert detected by Threat Tracker can be converted into a ticket, streamlining incident management and resolution. You can assign these tickets to your SOC team or security analysts for comprehensive verification and analysis. 

Cyber Feeds

In this module, you gain access to the latest cyberattacks, complete with comprehensive details and attack descriptions. It goes beyond mere awareness by equipping you with valuable indicators, including source IP addresses of attackers, signatures of malicious files, and other actionable intelligence. 

Emails Monitoring

One of the primary targets in most data breaches is email addresses, given their pivotal role in organizational communication and as access points to various systems. With the Emails Monitoring module, Threat Tracker actively searches for your organization's email addresses across various data breaches. 

Private Feeds

Imagine an attack targeting your network. With Threat Tracker, you can create a detailed event capturing the attack's specifics and execution mode. This event can be shared with application users, such as security analysts and SOC teams, enabling effective collaboration and response. 

Domain Checker

The digital landscape is rife with malicious domains aiming to deceive users through lookalike URLs, often differing by just a single character or a slight misspelling. The Domain Checker module in Threat Tracker scans the vast expanse of existing domains to identify any that bear resemblance to your organization's domain. 


Threat Tracker offers flexible deployment options tailored to your specific requirements. You have the choice of an on-premises installation, allowing you to retain complete control and governance over the solution within your network, or a cloud deployment, where our expert team manages the monitoring activity on your behalf.

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that Threat Tracker will keep a watchful eye on your data, providing you with monthly reports and instant alerts whenever potential data leaks or compromises are identified.

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